3D ScanningCAD Services

Most of what’s produced in the manufacturing industry today started life as some form of CAD data. Our CAD Services department consists of a team of highly trained and diverse individuals, who have an extensive portfolio of the latest CAD and surfacing packages at their disposal.

Using Delcam, Solidworks and Geomagic Design X, Balform has the ability to create 3D CAD models from standard 2D drawings and from 3D scans. We can also design tooling around customer supplied models, as well as a host of other applications.

Forming another vital part of our own in-house capability, CAD Services plays a vital role in supporting the tooling and 3D scanning needs of our business. This support and service is also extended to our customers, to help ensure the perfect CAD solution can be provided, whatever the scenario. For more information on our extensive range of CAD Services, please contact us.

Plant List

  • 1 Seat SolidWorks Professional (Fully supported)
  • 1 Seat SolidWorks Premium (Fully supported)
  • 1 Seat Geo-Magic Design X (Fully supported)
  • 2 Seats Delcam PowerSHAPE (Fully supported)
  • 2 Seats Delcam PowerMILL (Fully supported)
  • 2 Seats Delcam 5 Axis PowerMILL (Fully supported)