New machines, new vison, bright future…
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New machines, new vison, bright future…

New machines, new vison, bright future…

Balform is proud to announce the introduction of our two brand new Geiss T10 thermoforming machines. These two new machines represent a £500,000.00 investment in the very latest German thermoforming technology. These are also only the 2nd and 3rd ever machines, to have been installed in the UK.

These recent additions to the Balform machine portfolio represent a strategic move to ensure Balform continues to offer its customers the very best levels of service and quality and reinforces our position as the leading aviation thermoformer in the UK.

The T10 design sees a notable move away from the conventional pneumatic driven movements seen on most vacuum forming machines. On the T10, these pneumatic pistons are replaced with electric servo actuated drives. This offers numerous additional benefits including, reduced operating costs, infinite control over all machine movements, as well as a notable increase to processing speed.

By retaining our existing 1500mm x 1000mm x 620mm handling capacity, we can ensure these new machines are suitable for the needs of the aviation interiors market and beyond.

As aviation materials continue to improve and evolve, the processing of them can become significantly more difficult and technically challenging. The “safety net” of having machinery equally as advanced as these new materials, ensures all Balform’s customers receive the product quality & performance they require, as well as the edge over their competitors.

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